The Golden Retriever: a noble breed

Who doesn’t want to be better informed about the golden retriever breed? Known for their intelligence, kindness, kindness, loyalty, and willingness to work, goldens are the favorite breed of families. Their strong attributes make them excellent hunting dogs, guide and service dogs, and search and rescue dogs. Its distinctive golden coat gives the golden retriever a natural glow. This versatile […]

Everything Real Estate Investors Need To Know About Debt To Income For Loan Application Approval

Profitable real estate investment is subject to an accurate knowledge of many things. For instance: Complete and accurate knowledge of the best real estate investment practices. Buying any investment property for sale cannot be possible without a complete knowledge of the political and financial market events. You need to keep your eye on events like Brexit and the recently introduced […]

The truth behind the Lakers 3 mob

When talking about the fact that LeBron James is by far the best player on the planet, it seems that too many ignorant Laker fans are trying to argue that Kobe Bryant is at least LeBron’s level, if not better. However, when asked to explain their reasoning, the only answer that Laker fans can think of is that Kobe has […]

Jibacoa Cuba Resort Guide

If you are looking for a quiet and romantic beach vacation, Jibacoa is the ideal place for you. Located just 38 miles from Havana, Jibacoa offers beautiful secluded Caribbean beaches that are perfect for sunbathing and swimming. Popular with couples looking for a relaxed vacation in Cuba, the resort sits on a stunning bay and offers accommodation for all budgets. […]

Dirty Red exclusive interview

1. How did you come up with the nickname Dirty Red? I was in the studio with Eazy-E and we were about to shoot the promo for the Ruthless Radio Show and I was doing the intro. The name “Red” that I had since I was a child because of the fair skin and hair color … The “Dirty” part […]