How to use Google to find the owner of a phone number

To find free information about someone based on their phone number, your first point of call might be none other than Google. Because Google is such a large tool, it has access to information from the far reaches of the Internet, allowing it to find information about people based on their phone number. To find out if someone’s details are […]

New resolutions for a clean home

It’s that time of year again: time to change old bad habits, get healthy, and get organized. A new year brings new beginnings, so it’s time to design a home that reflects the new you. By cleaning and decluttering, you can create bright, open spaces to start fresh, so here are 5 resolutions to get you started. ORGANIZE YOUR STORAGE […]

RC Boat Beginner Tips

Hi Matey! Welcome aboard the world of radio-controlled ships, where owning your own sailboat, yacht, battleship, or even a submarine doesn’t require a billionaire’s budget! The hobby of radio controlled boats is growing and there are thousands of people all over the world who enjoy taking their radio controlled boats for a spin on a regular basis. From young to […]

Unique personalized baby gifts: 3 gift ideas

Babies deserve to be celebrated. Her beauty, her innocence, and her serenity (most of the time!) is something that appeals to adults, teens, and children alike. A baby knows how to charm others with just her reassuring presence. Celebrating the birth of a newborn is a happy occasion, as is the birthday of a one or two year old. When […]

Understand the things that can hinder muscle growth

If you want to increase your muscles, you will soon discover that it is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you do not follow a program or do the exercises correctly. In order to build your muscles you need to have structure, discipline and you must be completely dedicated to what you do in your workouts, what you […]

Hair and makeup tips for a bikini model

Depending on the photo shoot, your hair and makeup can range from bare and flat to colorful and voluminous. You want to deliver the best results as a model, and that includes knowing what’s right and what’s wrong for each type of photo shoot. As a model you must know the necessary tools and tips for your hairstyle and makeup. […]

Kentucky Fried Chicken switches to KFC

The Myth KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Switches to KFC KFC Version One: The story of why Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded by Harland Sanders, changes its name to KFC is to remove the word “fried” from its name. The word “fried” has negative connotations like being unhealthy, having high cholesterol, causing obesity, and many more. Therefore, in an effort to rebrand […]