Follow your heart, it’s smarter than you think

Your Heart is an amazing organ, unique in both its physical functions and energetic properties, and therefore needs extra special attention and definitely tender loving care. Aside from the well-known fact that the heart is the first major organ to develop in the fetus after conception, it is also impossible to live without one beating intensely within each of our […]

The essence of value creation

A cornerstone of any successful business is creating value for its customers. Value is what really drives business relationships and, in turn, profits (job security, growth, reinvestment). Value is of course an encouragement for every customer to choose you in the first place. Something has value if it can efficiently satisfy a need, fulfill a want, and generate a positive […]

Nutella and the joys of potty training

Note to self: Don’t give a potty-training child a Nutella sandwich. Particularly if she, like so many three-year-olds, is naked. You’d think you’d reliably look at brown spots to tell the child’s equator apart, but I know he left the table with a Nutella stain on his ankle and I’m not sure the stain around his eyebrow was there when […]

Buckwheat nutrition – a useful way to stay healthy

Buckwheat is not a cereal grain. Buckwheat is originally a fruit seed. Like other cereal grains, buckwheat nutrition is also very helpful in keeping the body healthy and fit. A nutritious food such as buckwheat A nutritious food like buckwheat is available year-round and can be ground into flour. A delicious item like porridge can be easily made. In some […]

Hopi Prophecy – Return of Pahana

Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper John Red Hat Duke passed away on December 30, 2003. He was a great spiritual leader, a man of mystery and legend, but was he Pahana? Has the Hopi legend Pahana returned? Many believe so, but we invite you to read the following and judge for yourself. The Hopi have waited for three people for […]

A day in the life of a tantric shaman

I wake up from a fitful night’s sleep, happy that it’s time to get up and start my day. While I’m still half awake, I go into my dreams to see if there’s anything important there, but the dreamscape is silent. The last few nights I’ve been working on my dreams a lot, getting shocks of unconditional love, so I […]

Property improvements that work

The best income that locals in Bangalore can receive comes from rental properties. But there is nothing sweet here: the market is risky and has a chance of fluctuations. Therefore, making changes to the property has a higher chance of renting easily. these simple Changes in ownership increase rental rates and therefore increase your income as well. Regardless of whether […]

The 5 most common app development mistakes to avoid

Having a mobile app has become imperative for all businesses today, from startups to SMEs and enterprises. Mobile apps have made life easier and faster than ever. And nowadays almost all smartphone users prefer to use an app for almost everything they need from shopping for their daily grocery items to other essentials, clothing, booking movie tickets, planning trips, reading […]