Policy for Student Housing in York

If you are not happy with your accommodation you may be able to cancel your booking if you contact the property team within 14 days of accepting the tenancy agreement (this is the cooling off period). Any cancellations after this time will be assessed on a case by case basis, however, please be aware that you will remain liable for the remaining rent for the duration of your stay. In some cases, the property management will be able to find another tenant to take over your tenancy and you will be released from your obligations.

The UK city of York is famed for its medieval cathedral and 13th-century walls, but it’s also home to two renowned universities and many other higher education establishments. It’s a place with a distinct culture and that famous ‘northern hospitality’ – no wonder it’s twice been named the best student city in England.

Despite being small, the city has developed its student culture over decades of hosting students and you’ll find entire neighbourhoods that are dedicated to this student population, with all the amenities you need close by. It’s easy to navigate by bus, train, bike or on foot, and most York student accommodation is within walking distance of both University of York and York St John University.

Cancellation Policy for Student Housing in York

One of the most impressive examples of student housing in York is VITA Student. This new development offers six acres of campus-style student village living and it’s a ten-minute walk from both universities. Choose from 644 rooms that range from ‘Classic’ to the ‘Ultimate Vita’, and you’ll be part of an on-campus community that includes movie rooms and study spaces as well as a state-of-the-art gym.

Other good York student accommodation is ABODE, a short 20-minute walk from both the University of York and York St John University. Located in the heart of the historic city walls just off Walmgate, ABODE has a choice of twin studio and standard en-suite rooms and it’s well equipped with modern kitchen fittings and smart TVs.

Many student accommodations now feature recycling programs, water-saving initiatives, and bike storage facilities to encourage environmentally responsible behavior. Some accommodations even have rooftop gardens or green spaces that contribute to biodiversity and provide a serene environment for students to relax and unwind. By prioritizing sustainability, student accommodation providers are instilling eco-consciousness in students and preparing them to be responsible global citizens.

If you want to live with a larger group, Student Castle offers flats that have up to seven bedrooms, and there are also deluxe twin and studio apartments for those who prefer to be on their own. All are furnished to a high standard with en-suite bathrooms, and the properties feature shared lounges, dining areas, study spaces, a gym and games room.

Most student apartments in York have bills included with the rent, but you should check this with the property before you book. If yours doesn’t, it might be worth considering moving to a different property as it will save you money in the long run. Also remember to budget for the additional cost of meals out and trips away from your student home. You’ll find plenty of reasonably priced restaurants, cafes and bars in York that won’t break the bank. There are even several great recreational cycling paths that can help you explore the city safely and quickly.

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