Is there a difference between 100 times and 100 times?

Have you ever wondered about the parable of the sower in Matthew 13? Jesus said that a sower went out to sow and some fell here and some fell there; speaking of hard, shallow terrain and overgrown terrain. Then he mentioned the good land. When the seed was planted in good soil, it produced, about three times, about sixty and […]

What is the Securities and Exchange Commission?

The Securities and Exchange Commission, also known as the SEC, was created in 1934 by section 4 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. It was created to regulate the securities industry, protect investors from fraud, and enforce federal securities. laws. Some of the federal securities laws that the SEC enforces include: the Securities Act of 1933, the Trust Hiring […]

EIDL: what you need to know

The EIDL loan can be the saving grace for businesses and nonprofits during these COVID-19 trials. EIDL stands for Economic Injury Disaster Loans. Here’s what you need to understand about EIDL: Purpose of EIDL: The purpose of EIDL is to help companies meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had the disaster not occurred. The EIDL […]

Words of encouragement: tonic for content marketers

Entrepreneurs like you have to walk a lonely road. There are no support mechanisms or a guaranteed source of income for you. It is a tough and difficult road, one that is full of challenges, obstacles, crushing defeats, and heartwarming triumphs. Take, for example, content marketing. There are many steps to get this right. One small misstep can wreak havoc […]

Real Estate Agents: A New Strategy for Growing Your Neighborhood

As you know, the Internet and social networks have become revolutionary elements for the real estate industry. Facebook … WordPress … Twitter … Zillow … Trulia … RealEstateABC … all of these were practically unknown a few years ago, and now they are (or should be) a key part of your marketing plan. But amid all this ferment, traditional forms […]

How to Start a Roasted Corn Business

Corn roasting is a simple but very profitable small investment. Successful corn roasters make a full-time living working only the summer months. To start a roasted corn business, you will need to acquire business permits and licenses from the health department and the state. The following is a typical checklist for starting your business. 1. Decide on the size and […]

Investing in car dealerships: how to value them

Most business valuations are based substantially on the company’s historical financial statements, tempered by other factors such as: location, brand name, management, etc. In fact, in fact, the dealer balance sheet represents less than half of the information needed to properly value a car dealer. The balance sheet is nothing more than a starting point from which a series of […]