Looking back at our 179 hours with Nathanael Marcus

So vulnerable and so moving Her little body in our hands Although his spirit had flown, His memory, eternally remains. *** NATHANAEL CAME into the world ‘unborn alive’ according to her Birth Certificate. We arrived a little before 11 at night and, after bathing him, we couldn’t sleep until 3 in the morning. I got up at 6 a.m. to […]

T is for technology in triathlon training

The original triathletes were amazing. Dave Scott and Mark Allen accomplished amazing feats in triathlon long before technology took over the sport. They didn’t have metrics like we have today and they certainly didn’t have all the information gathering capabilities that we have. However, they set records and competed bravely. In fact, Mark Allen still holds the Kona marathon record […]

Chicco Baby Walker is the best for your baby

Your baby is turning 5-6 months; you must get a walker for your baby. Yes, that is the time when a child needs a walker to stand up. The walker is a must for your child because it strengthens your baby’s legs. According to some studies, it is concluded that children suffer the highest number of injuries and accidents due […]

How to prevent your love ship from drowning!

Identity theft isn’t always about our finances; it’s about who we are and it’s buried deep within us. Recovering from identity theft of a relationship gone bad is almost as traumatic as a financial experience of identity theft. Many times, people want to start a relationship by finding their other half. How can we be only half to someone if […]

Home remedies for a sore throat that are easy and effective

A sore throat is a very common medical complaint that can affect anyone of any age group. There are many products available that are specially formulated to alleviate and treat this ailment. But you can also treat your sore throat with natural remedies. Here, in this article, you will find how to relieve throat pain and irritation through home treatments. […]

Does Lysol kill lice?

When it comes to lice control, a question that seems to come up quite often is whether Lysol can kill lice. In this article we will see several applications of Lysol and we will deduce its effectiveness in controlling lice. Furniture If you suspect a lice infestation and want to remove these pesky parasites from home furnishings, such as a […]

Roasting Corn on the Cob: An Easy Guide

This is the best way to grill corn on the cob. The first thing you want to do with the corn is remove the husk. To get proper doneness on corn, you need to make sure the husk is gone so you can have those beautiful grill marks. Wash the corn after you’ve removed the husk to make sure no […]

Help Your Children Maintain Mental Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although physical isolation has a negative impact on children’s learning, the effect of the pandemic on mental health also requires our attention. According to health professionals, physical isolation is putting a lot of pressure on children and young people. Because they cannot get together with their friends to participate in healthy physical activity, they suffer from anxiety and depression. In […]