AC Service Help With Bad Odors

If you’re noticing the odor of rancid roadkill or festering garbage wafting through your vents every time you turn on your air conditioning, it may be an indication that something is seriously wrong with your AC unit. Those foul smells don’t just spoil your at-home vibe; they can also signal serious issues like mold growth or electrical fire hazards. And leaving those issues unchecked will only make the problem worse – and cost you more in repairs, utility bills, and lost efficiency.

If mildew or fungus are to blame for your ac service near me, our technicians can help by cleaning out your evaporator coil and replacing your filter as part of a routine maintenance service. In addition, they can also clean your ductwork and drain pan to kill any lingering microbes and stop further moisture buildup.

Baking soda is an all-natural odor-neutralizing powerhouse, and you can easily sprinkle it directly onto your air filter or interior components to deodorize them as they circulate air. For more stubborn smells, you can try mixing baking soda with water until it reaches a paste-like consistency and smearing the mixture onto affected surfaces. It can be especially effective in evaporator coils, where it’ll soak into greasy and sticky gunk and neutralize the stench as the air passes over it.

Does AC Service Help With Bad Odors?

Another DIY approach is to create a kind of “odor bomb” by stuffing powdered activated charcoal into a mesh bag or old sock and tying it off. Then, you can wedge the bag or sock inside your ductwork near the main air intake to release its absorptive magic throughout your entire AC system over time as it runs.

If the odor coming from your vents is reminiscent of rotten eggs, it’s probably best to leave your home immediately and call an emergency HVAC technician. This odour usually indicates that there is a gas leak somewhere in the system. Our trained technicians can quickly find and fix the source of the odour to prevent any potential hazardous conditions from getting worse.

In addition to repairs and maintenance, many local AC service providers offer additional services such as installation, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality assessments. These services can further enhance the comfort and health of your home. Proper installation is critical for optimal performance, and professional duct cleaning can improve air circulation and reduce allergens, providing a healthier indoor environment.

Finally, acrid scents that smell like smoke or gunpowder are a bad sign and should never be ignored. This could indicate that the motor or other hot parts of the unit are igniting, which poses an electrical fire hazard and will quickly wreak havoc on the rest of your AC system. In this case, you should switch off your unit right away and call a Scarborough HVAC professional as soon as possible. Putting off this issue will only lead to long-term damage to your system and serious safety risks for you and your family.

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