By choosing to play fantasy sports every day, you are choosing to spend time and money on what is essentially a hobby. You have to spend money to enter fantasy sports contests to earn money from them; it is considered gambling in most states. It is up to you to decide how long you want to commit to playing fantasy sports.

Spending a few minutes every day may not be enough. Taking a quick glance across the board and simply putting together a lineup probably won’t result in consistent success. Here are some ways to improve your success when playing everyday fantasy baseball.

First, pick hot players for your lineup and avoid cold ones. In sports, momentum is a very real thing and players who are playing well tend to take advantage of every good game they have. Players who perform well in multiple games will often be on a hot streak, you should target these players. If a player has scored 30 fantasy sports in their 3 of their last 5 games, there’s a good chance they’ll play well in their 6th. Similarly, if a player is not performing well game after game, or is “cold”, avoid using this player. In baseball, hot and cold streaks are very common. If a hitter is consistently hitting well, he’s probably seeing the ball very well and picking it up quickly. The opposite would be if a player strikes out a lot or misses a lot of balls, he probably isn’t seeing the ball very well. Always try to find the hot hitter for your lineup.

Next, always take advantage of the matchups. Taking advantage of good matchups is the most important thing you can do to consistently succeed in everyday fantasy sports. Being “well matched” means that a player is projected to have a higher chance of success against an opposing pitcher or vice versa. Your pitcher(s) will always make or break your lineup. If you lock a jar that is shelled, you will have a very slim chance of winning cash in your contests. When considering a pitcher for your lineup, always consider matchup. Target pitchers facing a weak offensive team or a team that has struggled to hit. Even if the pitcher is one of the best pitchers in the league, avoid him if he’s up against a good hitting team. A good rule of thumb is to avoid pitchers who face the top 5-10 offensive teams in the league. If you find yourself with a good pitcher facing a team that’s 20th or worse in hitting, he’s usually a solid pick. Using good matchups and attractive players will increase your chances of success in everyday fantasy baseball.

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