Has your boyfriend left you or has this happened to you before and you want to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Well, it’s quite natural and here are some powerful ways to make your boyfriend never leave you.

Analyze the cause of this fear

Analyze what could be the cause of this fear in you. Has he stopped seeing you altogether or less often these days? Or is he seeing someone else? Well, you need to identify what could be causing this before your fear gets the better of you.

Are your expectations too

Do you by any chance expect your guy to see you too often or give you all his free time? If so, then it’s natural for him to stay away. He wants his own space and freedom and time to do the things he wants, instead of spending all his free time with you.

stop swimming

A very important point to keep in mind is to never scold. A man greatly resents constantly probing, reminding, or questioning things that must be followed or done. They want to feel in control of their circumstances and do things the way they want.

not be readily available

No man likes to feel like he has a girl who is available every time he wants to date or contact her. Keep your dignity and your space too. Show him that you too have a life of your own and that you are not dependent on him for all your social activities.

be affectionate

While keeping your distance and refraining from following him all the time, show the caring side of your nature. Whenever you are with him, show him all the love and concern that will help you pamper and pamper him. He will be more attached to you.

don’t be flirtatious

You don’t need to be flirty while keeping your distance and space. Be outgoing and busy with all the activities you like to do. Have fun and make lots of friends and make new friends too, but be committed and loyal to him.

Be honest and open

If you really want your guy to never leave you, then instill qualities of being honest and open as well. Learn not to hide things from him or keep him in the dark about your activities, friends, problems, or whatever. Learn to share and trust him and ask him for suggestions as well.

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