Today, the people and companies capable of employing smart cost-saving strategies are the ones that prosper in business. Among other things, they would actively explore multifaceted channels to do more with less.

For example, a multi-disciplinary company with diverse interests ranging from office management to import/export as well as events/entertainment would likely do better by operating out of its own building to keep overhead “rental” costs low. .

This approach would make it easier for such a company to offer customers affordable services, in line with their budgetary needs.

But we all know that not every business, especially a sole proprietorship or a small business, can afford to own their own building. At least not in the early stages of growth. Even when the money is there, chances are there are other considerations for which it can be used more profitably.

To complicate things…

A. maybe you want to rent one, but the prices you keep hearing from landlords/realtors in the neighborhoods you prefer are beyond the limits of your budget.

B. or maybe you have tried working from homebut your landlord won’t have it and/or (if you don’t live alone) it just doesn’t give the professional/corporate impression you want.

So what should an honest, results-focused, vision-oriented business owner like YOU do when you can’t own your own office?

Would that mean you have to give up the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoperating a proper office presence for your business?

The answer, fortunately, is no.

In fact, there is a flexible and affordable workaround: It’s called Serviced Office!

This custom solution will most likely meet your needs, if you face the limitations described above.

The only thing is that you have to find a provider that offers it near the area in which you plan to do your business.

It is actually called by different names in the world markets, for example, managed office, executive center, executive suite, etc.

But all those names basically indicate the same thing: a professionally configured office space equipped with the essential aesthetic and functional amenities SHARED by businesses.

Here are 3 features of Serviced Office Solutions that can make them right for YOU…

NB: This is a practice that has been around for decades and is still in use in major cities and business districts around the world.

Feature #1: All in One

A Serviced Office is a COMPLETE solution that makes it possible for the “user” to settle in and just get started with their business affairs. There is no need to worry about settings etc.

For example, serviced offices often come already equipped with work desks, chairs, etc. In addition, they can provide quick access to other resources such as meeting rooms, projectors, computers, Internet connection, etc.

Often there is a common reception center with a receptionist and a telephone answering service.

Depending on the “package” you want to adopt, it may initially seem like the fees are high. The truth, however, is likely to often be that what you pay will be close to the rate of a normal office, BUT conventional office space comes without the “extras” that serviced offices provide!

For example, you will not have to make additional payments for electricity, facility maintenance, insurance, or even security. Those overheads are handled by the provider on behalf of all users.

Feature No.2: Flexible

Take the business traveler arriving in Cotonou on a 3-day business visit to explore potential partnerships with some local entrepreneurs and companies in the Republic of Benin and neighboring states.

Let’s say some of the people you plan to meet come from your bases in Porto Novo, Ouidah and Lagos in Nigeria, for example.

Perhaps the meetings will include private interview sessions and presentations, etc. In such a case, the business traveler may need adequate office space for a few hours a day for the 3-day duration of their stay.

Being unfamiliar with the surroundings, and unless you are willing to pay high conference room rates in a hotel, a serviced office will be a viable solution for the above mentioned needs of the visitor.

In other words, due to the out-of-the-box nature of Serviced Offices, people with limited time and pressing needs can easily make effective use of them. At the same time, business owners who want medium to long-term access to an affordable, yet functional and aesthetically appealing office presence will also find use for serviced offices.

Feature No. 3: Pocket-friendly

As you can imagine, the fact that the amenities provided are shared gives you the benefit of accessing resources that you normally couldn’t afford on your own.

In general, serviced offices are configured to allow users to adopt different sizes of “offices”, for example, to accommodate a sole proprietor or a group/team of people in one or more rooms.

If the need arises, you can choose 2 or more adjoining office spaces. In other words, you only spend what you need, and nothing more. Even more important, depending on the provider and YOUR negotiation skills, you may be able to negotiate prices, terms and conditions that suit your needs.

In conclusion, regardless of the name by which they are called, serviced offices provide similar basic benefits, namely cost-effective, convenient and high-profile office space, for busy business people with limited budget needs.

If YOU have the above mentioned needs, don’t rent expensive and potentially limiting conventional office space!

Instead, research your intended location for potential serviced office providers. Your needs will be much better served that way, and you will SAVE a considerable amount of money in the process.

If you need help, contact me.

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