The best persuasion techniques are often the simplest. These influence tactics won’t require you to get your hands dirty; they won’t even force you to do much research.

But if you are new to the field of psychology and influence, you are probably wondering how and where in the world you can use these persuasion techniques. What effect do they have on your life?

Well, to better explain how persuasion techniques can have a profound effect on you, let’s pick a scene from your everyday life.

Suppose you have just been transferred to another branch of the company you work for. This branch is not close to the previous one. In fact, it is located in a place with a completely different time zone! You are alone in a different country where the only thing you have in common is the boss who pays you. The worst thing is that you are the only new employee.

Naturally, it is difficult for him to adapt to the culture of the country, which makes it difficult for him to feel comfortable at work. This results in unhappiness and dissatisfaction. You realize that whatever is going on right now is putting you at a disadvantage.

Then you make the decision to make a change. But the question is: how does he manage to persuade his new co-workers that he is competent enough and not just another stranger?

This is where knowing some persuasion techniques could come in handy. The first thing you need to do is line up with your co-workers. Since you are the newbie here, you are the one who needs to adjust to them. Get in sync with their thought and speech patterns. For example, pay attention to how your co-workers talk to you, and then try to emulate their pattern.

This will help you find something in common with them. If your co-workers have a habit of bowing to you after speaking, do the same for them. This will immediately help you earn their respect and admiration. This persuasive technique is called mirroring. It is something that many people do unconsciously. However, by doing it consciously, you will surely be able to create a more powerful effect.

Another way to persuade your co-workers is by citing credible sources. Doing this will certainly make them believe in you or the concept you are talking about. This method of persuasion has been drilled into our heads since we were children. After all, we are trained to side with an expert rather than a person who doesn’t even have experience in the field. Furthermore, this also gives your co-workers the impression that you have learned.

These persuasive techniques will definitely help you fit in and gain persuasive power over your co-workers. You will find yourself happy and content at work. Your good mood and camaraderie with your co-workers will also have positive effects on your personal and professional life.

So if these persuasion techniques work when you’re in a different country with a different culture, then they should work twice as well when you’re in an environment you’re already comfortable with.

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