“Tenants’ Unions

There are often local groups or alliances of tenants that provide advice support for tenants etc.  Make sure you join one of these groups.  The larger the group, the more you will benefit.

Contract details

Lease contracts are usually long and jargon-laden, but this is the only basis on which you can reason with your landlord, so make sure you read the whole contract carefully to see if there are any loopholes.

Inventory of the property

When you first move in, your landlord must provide you with a detailed inventory of the property Leeds student accommodation. Make sure that it contains all the furniture and equipment and that it states its condition. If there are any grievances, you can raise them directly with the landlord. Also, remember to take photographs and send the attachments to the landlord.

Security deposit

Before moving in, you must pay a deposit, usually for 6 weeks rent. Make sure the landlord keeps your deposit in a safe place and gives you proof of this, which is required by law and you have the right to challenge it if the landlord deducts an unreasonable deposit after the contract has closed.

Agents’ fees

Agents’ fees for rental student accommodation in Leeds in the UK vary considerably and the law varies. In England and Wales, agents must state their fees to you, whereas in Northern Ireland they can do without.  In Scotland, it is illegal for agents to charge fees.  Therefore, check before you rent a property.

Insurance for valuables

Always remember to get insurance for your valuables such as: mobile phones, laptops, cameras etc. Landlords will not usually insure them for you.

Landlord creditworthiness

Some landlords may rip off students. Local authorities or student unions will often help students with advice on signing up for rental schemes.  Before renting, check information online to make sure your landlord is trustworthy.


If the landlord wants to come and see the property, he or she must give the renter at least 24 hours’ notice. If no advance notice is given, you have the right to refuse them entry.

Energy use of the house

It is very important that your landlord explains to you the energy use of the house before you sign the contract, as efficient energy use will save you a lot of money.

Rights of rented students

Once you have signed the contract, the landlord has no right to evict you without the permission of the court and a series of procedures. Similarly, if you have a fixed contract, the landlord has no right to increase the rent.”

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