This is a matchup between the top 3 leveling guides available. You can choose between Zygor’s Horde and Alliance leveling guides, Joanna’s Horde leveling guide, and Dugi’s Horde and Alliance leveling guides. All 3 guides are good, but which ones are great? That is what we will determine today.

Let’s start by examining what these guides offer.

Zygor’s horde and alliance leveling strategies offer a plugin that guides you through the game, a “talent advisor” that is also a plugin that helps you determine where to put your talents. These 2 great plugins save you from unnecessary downtime and maximize your leveling time.

Joana’s only comes in the form of a horde. There is no offer for an alliance guide. There is no plugin available. The directional maps are confusing and the layout is pretty inconsistent. However, the directions are still good. Joana’s offers videos of most of the leveling process to see how various parts are completed.

Dugi has come as both. It includes a plugin and a text web-based guide similar to Joana’s. However, he doesn’t do any of these things as well as the other 2 options. The plugin is not as polished as Zygor’s. Although the part of the text is not as complete as that of Joana.

So what do I prefer? Well, I prefer the most efficient guide possible. What is that, you ask? Well, let’s take Dugi out of the equation, since he lacks any real substance. It depends on Joana and Zygor.

Joana’s leveling guide is excellent, without a doubt. But having to press the Alt key and read the instructions, or skim through a printout to follow the instructions is a huge hassle. While it’s efficient, it’s just not efficient enough.

Zygor’s Guide requires no printing or alternative tabbing, and the routes it takes you on are very efficient. It really is a perfect guide. So, without a doubt, I recommend this guide over any other leveling guide for leveling up your character.

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