How has the interview changed over the years?

This question is frequently asked in the interview seminars I conduct. Job candidates want to know how the interview has changed since they last interviewed about 20 years ago. Successful interviews haven’t changed much in the last two decades. You still need to present your accomplishments while matching them to the job specifications. And you still need to answer those […]

The Total Cost of Inventory: Exploring Inventory Holding Costs

For most retailers, wholesalers, and distributors, inventory is the largest single asset on their balance sheet. In many ways, your inventory defines who you are and your strategic position in the market. Define your client’s needs and expectations of you. Legions of cost counters are employed to accurately capture and capitalize all direct inventory costs. The cost of that inventory […]

How to host a website in 5 easy steps

Discover these simple steps on how to host a website How to host a website Step 1: Choose a domain name If you already have one, use it unless you are setting up multiple domains in your hosting account and then pick a general-purpose domain that you will have for a long time. You can add more domains as needed. […]

The importance of your personal brand and domain name

In our modern society, people are beginning to trust people more than a company, group or corporation, which means that the power of influence is returning to the individual – to you – and is no longer monopolized by the big boys. groups. In a few years from now, it’s not so far-fetched that personalities will completely rule the media. […]

Free Small Business Accounting Software

Free small business accounting software focuses primarily on assets. Assets can be described as valuable resources owned by a company, which were acquired at a measurable monetary cost. As an economic resource, they satisfy three requirements. First, the resource must be valuable. A resource is valuable if it is cash / convertible to cash; or it can provide future benefits […]

Marketing and Marketing Communications for Small and Medium Businesses: Important Forecasts for 2017

2016 ended with Americans exhausted by emotionally harrowing politics, stories of foreign entanglements and violence at home. Companies have also struggled with modest economic growth and a turbulent stock market. As we begin 2017, everyone – consumers and organizations alike – faces uncertainty in a variety of areas. Against this backdrop, companies have yet to develop, plan and execute strategies […]

3 Simple Lifestyle Changes To Help You Lose Weight

Following a super strict diet or spending every waking moment in the gym are the only ways to lose weight. However, what good is going through so much hard work when at the end of the fight you are going to end up gaining all the kilos you lost or, worse yet, you will gain more kilos than you lost? […]

How to improve your credit score to find a better job

If you know your resume and cover letters are stellar and you perform well in job interviews, but you still fall short of your goal of being hired in your chosen profession, your credit score / credit report could be holding back. This is because employers view your credit score as a measure of how well you meet all the […]

6 Tips for Getting More Business Christmas Card Referrals

The holidays are the only time of year when everyone thinks about sending greeting cards. This time of year is also one of the most important for sending cards. These tips will help you get more references from your cards and avoid some common mistakes. 1. First of all, business Christmas cards tend to get displayed more than any other […]

How to use the yellow pages

There are many reasons why you should consider using an Internet directory. They can help you find information related to your business, but at the same time they can also help you promote your website. An Internet business directory is a way to get the best of both worlds. An Internet business directory offers many benefits to anyone who is […]