Can cleaning remove body odor?

Let’s talk about body odor. Not because it’s an interesting topic; just because we’re not supposed to have it. Body odor is often a sign of internal toxicity: your odor seeps through our skin. How can I know? Well, I have cleaned the inside of my body thoroughly and, except on rare occasions, have had no body odor in several […]

CFB 2006 Coaches Carousel (Part 1)

There were a total of 23 schools that entered the 2005 season with new head coaches last year (see Wednesday Notes in the archives on how they fared). There were only 10 new hires this year, but then, with the tragic death of Northwestern’s Randy Walker over the summer, this year’s “carousel of coaches” grew to 11. In a special […]

jumping oral hurdles

Have you ever been paralyzed by fear? Many people find public speaking such a frightening thought that they will do almost anything to avoid it. What if you had more obstacles in life to jump than most? Would that be a good reason why you shouldn’t work on overcoming your fear of public speaking? I was recently asked to be […]

How to be more successful in daily fantasy baseball

By choosing to play fantasy sports every day, you are choosing to spend time and money on what is essentially a hobby. You have to spend money to enter fantasy sports contests to earn money from them; it is considered gambling in most states. It is up to you to decide how long you want to commit to playing fantasy […]

what’s wrong with

We’ve had a full month to evaluate every team in the NFL. Some clubs will make adjustments and start to fix problems. These are always teams that are well-trained or have significant depth with which to turn things around. For example, the Pittsburgh Steelers went bye during their bye week with a 1-2 SU/ATS record. What’s wrong with the fields? […]

good enough to win is good enough

Steelers (2-0) 10, Browns (0-2)6 The Steelers defied the effect of wind from the lake and an improved Cleveland team on Saturday night to move into sole possession of first place in the AFC North. Willie Parker rushed for 100-plus yards (28-of-105) for the second straight game, and Ben Roethlisberger turned in another efficient performance as he completed 12-of-19 passes […]

Confessions of a single girl – Living alone can be scary

Nothing stirs fear in the heart of a single woman like unexplained explosions. I bought my house three years ago. While I was delighted with my new home, I was nervous. I went against the grain, defying the wishes of my parents and friends. I moved to a neighborhood that was in transition. Consequently, it was somewhat risky. I was […]

How to become a starter on your basketball team

In this article today, I would like to talk about various tips, tricks, and techniques that anyone can use to become a starter on their basketball team. Basketball is the most exciting game in the world, unfortunately there are only five places in the team and everyone else sits on the bench. The competition for those five spots can be […]