"may bridge" in Spain

The May long weekend is fast approaching. You already thought, where are you going to spend it? If not, you better decide soon, because the best deals can be booked now! If you have no idea of ​​your destination, maybe you can think about going to Spain. This southern country is a popular address throughout the year, but it is […]

Painkiller abuse in the NFL: A high price for entertainment

America loves soccer – watching an NFL game on a crisp fall Sunday with our friends and family is a big part of our culture. But that fun comes at a cost for the pros who are approached time and time again for a touchdown. A study of retired NFL players found that prescription painkiller abuse among NFL players is […]

How to stop underarm sweating with natural remedies

For people who have the problem of underarm sweating and are uncomfortable with their body odor, there are many simple remedies that can counteract this embarrassing problem. Many people wonder how to stop underarm sweating naturally, the good news is that it can be achieved by following some simple remedies. Waxing armpit hair helps stop the concentration of bacteria that […]

Soccer Betting Strategies: Are You A Win Or Lose Bettor?

Football betting tips or advice can help you to be a successful bettor so that you can be a genius yourself when it comes to offering qualified football betting advice. Now, let’s read about some good soccer betting strategies. Always bet with Value: “Value” is a time when you think the bookies’ odds would be set at a level where […]

12 important advantages of a prepaid debit card

The prepaid debit card was an innovation introduced by credit card companies in the 1990s to help people in the US who could not qualify for a credit card. A prepaid debit card is just a secured credit card that offers a spending limit to the extent of the cash the credit card company held on deposit. As a general […]

Former New York Jet takes a chance on the PGA Tour

South Floridan, from New York Jet goes from the Gridiron to the Greens It’s hard to find two sports that are polar opposites more than golf and soccer, Stevie Anderson argues that there are some similarities between the two sports. Anderson, who spent five years completing acrobatic sacks in the NFL, is connecting the dots between sports by making serious […]

North Carolina unclaimed money hits $700 million

As more unclaimed money from North Carolina continues to be released to the state, returned to its rightful owners, the state’s treasure chest of lost money has swelled to a record $700 million! These unclaimed funds already belong to ordinary people whose only obstacle is learning how to search and locate properly all possible claims. According to the North Carolina […]