A smarter kitchen for less

Finances have been the main topic of headlines for several months now and it is not surprising that many people are thinking hard before making large outlays. This cautious attitude towards spending is due to uncertainty rather than a real lack of money for most people, but it is causing people to evaluate the value and potential future value of […]

The history of the Honda CD175 motorcycle

The Honda CD175’s engine was inspired by the CB160 and many other engine components remained the same, such as internals and cast iron. The biggest features when it comes to the Honda CD175 is the 360-degree crankshaft, wasted spark ignition, a single carburetor, and a roaring parallel twin engine. These features help the speedometer reach 100 mph on a highway […]

Welcome to parenting teens

Are you still embarrassed when your teenager expressed his desire to go to the ED Sheeran concert? Welcome to being a parent of a TEEN! Start a new journey, but be sure to deviate from old parenting mindsets, patterns, and conversations. The onset of puberty sets a myriad of new challenges for a teenager. Suddenly your personality is changing. The […]

Law of detachment: the truth of letting go

The Law of Detachment says that the way to acquire what you want is to let go of your attachment to it. By letting go, we are not letting go of our intention to manifest our desire! We are letting go of the force. We want to hold on so lovingly, so tightly, that we want to force things to […]

5 common online dating mistakes to avoid

As time goes by, the world keeps changing. Today, you can find many things online, such as houses, cars, and even jobs. In fact, the Internet can also help you find love. According to statistics, online dating is a huge industry, generating revenue of around $ 1.25 billion. Before contacting a potential partner, make sure you search the right way. […]

History of the Leatherman Wave multitool

This is a story about the Leatherman Wave Multitool. It covers everything from Timothy Leatherman’s first patent in 1980 to the launch of Wave in 1998. Timothy S. Leatherman majored in mechanical engineering at Oregon State University. After having a hard time repairing his car with a regular pocket knife, he created what is known as a “boy scout razor […]

Notes from Ness (March 15)

Monmouth is making his fourth NCAA appearance this year and has lost his previous three first-round games by 23, 43 and 33 points. However, Monmouth appeared in last night’s game and beat Hampton, 71-49. It marked the NEC’s first NCAA tournament victory since 1983. The 16-seeded Hawks now move to face Villanova, the top seed for the Minneapolis Regional. As […]

Private Talk With Alexis Texas Podcast

Alexis Texas Podcast The Private Talk with Alexis Texas podcast is a popular alternative lifestyle talk show and podcast. The topics range from politics to alternative lifestyles. The show is considered one of the safest places on the Internet to be yourself. Guests include international celebrities, athletes, and influential individuals from a variety of fields. Streaming these intimate conversations to […]

Tips to make bathroom cabinets last longer

Waterproof Selecting a material that is able to withstand the humidity in this room is vital to making sure they last a long time. If a material is chosen that is not made to resist moisture, it can expand and warp, resulting in a room that looks less than new. Bamboo is one of the few materials that can withstand […]