Want more sales quotes? Rephrase your point of view

If you want more sales quotes, here’s a simple explanation of how to rephrase your point of view so you can present a simple pitch that encourages prospects to respond. I know that not everyone has had the advantage of good sales training to make appointments. Self-employed people who run their own business and people who sell only as part […]

You want to buy a franchise – Really?

Statistically, the vast majority of people who actually start their own franchise business do not really understand what they are venturing into and therefore often fail. Many even see it as fascinating and alluring, believing that freedom and wealth are just around the corner. It’s probably one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make, so it’s crucial to understand […]

How much does a franchise cost?

Are you someone considering buying a franchise? While many people consider owning a franchise, not many take the time to do a proper franchise cost calculation. It turns out that there are several factors that affect the final cost of the franchise, which means that each company will be different. However, no matter which restaurant you’re interested in, there are […]

tryanny’s rule

The silent killer of our way of life is already knocking on our door. Do we dare to open up and submit to the catastrophe that awaits us or do we wake up and begin implementing reforms that will forever vanquish the evil of debt that is about to tighten its grip on an already beleaguered nation? For several years […]

Web Marketing Ethics: Things to Keep in Mind

The existence of Web Marketing gives everyone the privilege to do whatever they want while surfing the Internet. The sad thing about this fact is that sometimes others cross the line to the point that legal issues arise out of the endeavor. With this, it is important to know more about the ethics of Web Marketing. As in the fields […]

Small Business Payroll Services: Save Yourself From Fraud

Many companies around the world are facing the crisis due to the frauds that take place in their office on a daily basis by their employees, supervisors and managers. Every penny that goes to fraud puts a dent in the company’s profits. Don’t let your business fall victim to the same situation, be extra cautious with your employees and make […]

Ways to Invest for Capital Gains

6 Ways to Earn Capital Gains There are basically two types of investment income. Capital gains and investment income. Investment income is the income you receive from an asset, examples of investment income are interest on savings, rent on property, and dividends on stocks. Capital gains are the increase in value of an asset; Examples of capital gains are the […]

Commercial Law – Labor Law – Interpretation of the Conditions of the Employment Contract

The case of Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd v Tunnard et al. [2006], involved a dispute over what actions might be permitted under the terms of an employment contract. The claimant (“HISL”) produced and sold protective equipment. In 1993 he commissioned a new helmet design which was successfully marketed especially for the London Fire Brigade. The defendant was a senior salesperson […]

The paradox of lost sales

Do you know what your lost sales cost you each month? Every year? Let me give you two quick examples. It is what we call – The paradox of lost sales. Example One: Your average sales are $1,000 per order. He has five salespeople on his team, and his average closing rate is one in three sales presentations. They see […]