Retail Company Vision, Mission and Values

During the delivery of team building trainings, it was very surprising to find out that many employees and sometimes even managers and supervisors do not know the mission and vision of the company. As a retail owner or manager, what do you do to get this important message across? How do you support your company’s vision and mission every day? […]

The base fee for surrogacy: how does it work?

Once parents-to-be begin their search for a surrogate, either in an independent situation or through an agency, they will soon come across the phrase “base fee.” What is this fee for? Who sets these rates? Isn’t that the same as ‘paying’ a surrogate? Why is the word compensation used? Let me clarify the “base rate factors” for you. In general, […]

New Sci-Fi Novel Uncovers a Deadly International Conspiracy

Something very mysterious happens when an intricate mix of nanites is found at the site of an underwater accident in Chris Shockowitz’s new sci-fi thriller, Silent Invasion. Jeff Smith, a CIA agent, is shocked when he learns of the discovery, as he thought the nanites were only theoretical. He is further surprised when the scientists working with him explain that […]

How do we define a cooperative?

Cooperatives are business enterprises that are owned and run by a group of people who work for mutual benefit. The International Cooperative Alliance defines them as an independent group of people who collectively own and democratically control an organization that will meet the shared social, cultural, and economic needs of all members. Cooperatives are owned and operated by the people […]

The pros and cons of using social bookmarking

Many people use their browser’s toolbar to save all the URLs of the websites they want to visit at a later time. However, when they come across a really useful site and want to share it with others, they send an email to all their friends to tell them about the site. Instead of having to email an entire address […]

Achieve your investment goals with a mutual fund program

Whenever we think about putting our money into any investment project, we first make sure that the project is competent enough to provide maximum returns. Losing your hard-earned money is never acceptable, and this is why we are sometimes hesitant to make investments. But, this is not the solution. Investments have the ability to change our future and create a […]