Vivix Shaklee Anti-Aging Fountain of Youth

Have you heard of resveratrol? There has been a lot of talk lately about resveratrol. Resveratrol is a polyphenol, which is being studied for its healthy and anti-aging qualities. New studies and exciting discoveries made with resveratrol have shown that this special polyphenol can help reverse the aging process, allowing resveratrol users to look and feel 25 years younger. Shaklee […]

Top 9 Facts You Need To Know About Sheet Masks

1. What is a cloth mask? They are face-shaped sheets soaked in a nutrient solution called serum. The sheet is made from a variety of materials including paper, fiber, and gel-like. These sheet masks are different from face masks (paste type) that you only need to apply, remove and apply additional serum instead of washing off the paste after applying […]

Adult daughters and their mothers: a tenuous bond

For many adult daughters, the mother-daughter bond is a tenuous balance of both positive and negative feelings, connection, and autonomy. And for some, the bond is greatly affected by conflicting individual needs. After a particularly tumultuous weekend with my own 92-year-old mother, I began to think about the many stories I heard from my clients about their struggles for love […]

get rid of facial scars

No one likes having any type of scar, but facial scars can be more frustrating than others, since you see them every time you look in the mirror. Facial scars are daily reminders of an injury or accident, and you may fear that when others look at you, all they see is a scar. Facial scars can have many causes. […]

Exercise and Pregnancy – Keeping you and your baby safe

Pregnancy planning and exercise The best time to start planning your health, weight and exercise program is the same time you start planning your pregnancy; Having a strong, fit, and healthy body will not only prepare you for the strength and stamina needed during pregnancy, but it will also increase your chances of conception and an easier pregnancy, labor, and […]

Are indoor humidity levels affecting your health?

The ideal indoor humidity level is 35-45% or 40-50%, depending on who you ask. Fortunately, the human body is quite flexible and you do not have too much love for an exact figure. The important thing is to avoid extremes. Living indoors is not entirely natural. The artificial environments we create for ourselves can sometimes cause extremes of humidity to […]

Tea Party Ideas for a Kid’s Easter Tea Party

Tea party ideas work for all holidays. Let’s think about using tea party ideas to make a fun-filled Easter tea party for kids. My ideas include inviting some of my daughters’ little friends over and making the theme an Easter egg hunt. Living in a warm climate means that children can hunt outdoors for their eggs and treasures. If you […]