Acne treatment with salicylic acid

Before choosing a treatment for your acne, it’s always best to do your research to find out which products work best for your skin and the severity of your acne. There are many products out there, and salicylic acid is a treatment that is gentle and easy to use. This mild acid works as a keratolytic agent, removing dead skin […]

Cryosurgery: an effective tattoo remover?

Tattoos are meant to be a permanent piece of art. However, many methods have been developed for its removal. Some will work better than others and some will take longer to work. Cryosurgery is one of those options. But is it an effective tattoo remover? Let’s find out. What is cryosurgery? Also known as cryotherapy, it involves the application of […]

Chocolate and Anxiety: Can Chocolate Help Alleviate Anxiety?

Surely you have read many times that chocolates are beneficial for health. Chocolates help in anti-aging, are aphrodisiacs and relieve stress. Chocolates have a certain kind of effect on the way of people. Most people also experience a strong desire for chocolates at times. Although this is sinful, it is an integral part of life. However, there are many people […]

Does your yeast infection get worse after treatment?

5% of women find themselves in the unfortunate situation of their yeast infection getting worse after treatment. If you are one of these women, you now suffer from what is known as chronic yeast infection. Here are reasons why your yeast infection gets worse after using a Candida treatment. resistant yeast One reason your vaginal Candida infection has gotten worse […]

Homemade hair masks for every hair problem

Heating, drying, straightening, curling and dyeing… all of these can damage your hair. Lustrous hair is a girl’s best friend and can enhance her confidence and beauty. However, using excessive heat to style or bleach your hair can leave it cracked and broken. Don’t worry. We have homemade hair masks that will bring life and shine back to your hair. […]

to be "disruptive" It’s something good

Someone or something that is disruptive is usually associated in a negative way. The subprime mortgage crisis has disrupted housing and financial markets. That’s bad. My son was disturbing dinner while someone else was talking. That is also bad. But I think that the idea of ​​being deliberately disruptive can be very positive when used in the development of strategies, […]

Top 21 Northern Territory Hot Spots Part One

1.Darwin Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, is the base for incredible natural attractions such as Kakadu and Litchfield National Park. You can travel along the Arnhem Highway towards Kakadu or visit the Territory Wildlife Park closer to the city. The weekly markets are a perfect position for beach sunsets and attract many locals and tourists. There are fantastic […]