Face of digital marketing in 2015

Digital marketing has undergone some major changes in 2014. And now, when the future (2015) is about to happen, we can see that data is everywhere. Every inch of the digital world is connected with data. Marketers are being informed about behavior, interests, etc. of your customers. through data. As mobile device users grow and media is gradually purchased programmatically, […]

Simple and Helpful Tips That Improve Your Alexa Rank

Alexa Ranking is very important to know the potential according to the popularity of your website on the Internet or intranet. Basically you have a big dashboard of data from around the world and with the help of this data; estimates the rank of your website. According to Alexa, the lower your rank is, the more beneficial for your company […]

How to start a pet transport business

Pet transport services are necessary as the number of pets in the US has grown tremendously in the last few decades. According to the US Demographics and Pet Ownership Sourcebook, there are an estimated 60 million dogs and 70 million cats in American households today. Apart from that, it has been recorded that households that own pets spent 36% more […]

Advantages and disadvantages of drawer safes

Drawer safes can be a great way to secure some of your most expensive, personal, or prized possessions. There are almost infinite uses for this type of safe. They are ideal for home or office use and have many benefits, but also some drawbacks to using them. This article will help you decide if a drawer safe is right for […]

How to blog network marketing topics

Blog Network Marketing Topics That Solve A Problem I see a lot of people blogging about network marketing topics talking about why MLM etc. I would suggest being more specific. Talk about exactly what problems people run into when building their home business that they can relate to. By the way, if you’re curious why you should listen to me, […]

What is keyword analysis?

Keyword analysis is an activity where when given a URL, the commonly used keywords and key phrases present in the document are displayed in the question given in the URL. Keyword analysis, also called keyword research, is an important tool used in the search engine optimization process. Keyword analysis helps improve search engines to identify a document or page by […]

Hero’s Journey: the best way to start a writing career

The expression “hero’s journey” designates a narrative structure derived from Joseph Campbell’s theory of the mono-myth. The theme of the hero myth occurs in all cultures, at all times. According to Campbell, the many steps of the hero’s journey could be summarized in twelve stages. This is the way of life. It is a story template that involves a hero […]