iPad Web App Development: A Powerful Alternative to Native Apps

Apple Inc. released the iPad in the year 2010 and provided a new platform for web application development. The external appearance, screen size, capacitive touch, high processing power, and various other hardware features made it an outstanding portable device. The device gained instant fame due to its multi-purpose utility, adding apps that were designed and developed by custom iPad app […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pay As You Go Cell Phones

Pay as you go cell phones are becoming more popular as time goes by. There are clear advantages and disadvantages regarding these phones. advantages: No one can trace your number using a reverse cell phone lookup service. Despite improvements to reverse cell phone lookup services over the years, they are unable to give the name of 99% of pay-as-you-go users. […]

The different types of apartments

When visiting a big destination, deciding where you should stay is a difficult task. There are already several options to choose from. Would you stay in a hotel, a villa or an apartment? Experts say that staying in an apartment is a better option, especially when you are staying for several days or weeks. You can certainly save a great […]

What is your story idea?

A screenwriter friend of mine was once told by an agent not to start writing a script until he had generated a dozen story ideas. The agent didn’t want to see a full script until he had a chance to go over the basics from my friend. “Some ideas are movie material,” he said. “Some are too small, too old-fashioned, […]

Weight Loss: Developing Your Personal Fat Loss Program

Do you want to lose kilos? When you are, you may have been told to build your own weight loss plan. The diet plans, which actually work as manuals and inspiration for many people, have already been recognized as helping many people achieve their fat reduction goals. While it is more than possible that you could walk into a local […]


Everyone who works on a computer should be familiar with the term “Cybercrime.” Initially, when man invented the computer and then the technology for communication between computers evolved, he would never have thought that the cyber space that he is creating could be flooded with any crime, that is, cyber crime. But now almost all of us might have heard […]

Last Minute Cruise Vacation Deals for Spring Break

Are you planning a cruise vacation and worried that you won’t have enough time to take advantage of the deals that the cruise lines have been advertising? Thanks to cruise travel agencies, booking last-minute cruises doesn’t have to burn your pocket. Cruise lines looking to fill their unsold staterooms are offering them at discounted prices and allowing you to jump […]