San Francisco has many fascinating attractions for visitors.

San Francisco conjures up many images: Rice-a-roni, the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars. It also brings to mind gay rights and Silicon Valley. Whatever your thoughts, San Francisco holds a special place in the hearts of most Californians because it epitomizes so much of the state: its spectacular beauty, its breathtaking views of the coast and bay, and its historic […]

Cambodia’s Great Khmer New Year Party

They come at you with a devilish grin and you know that despite your pleas, you’re going to make it. After they catch you, they smile and laugh. Some of the most devious will lie in ambush positions, like spiders, waiting for their next victim. They’ll use anything that moves water, from small hand-held squirt guns to monster-sized Buck Rodgers-inspired […]

Unique Wedding Packages: A Klingon Wedding in Las Vegas

How about this for a unique wedding? You can have a Klingon gift at your wedding in Las Vegas. Great if you’re a Star Trek fan, interesting even if you’re not. This is definitely an opportunity that you will only find in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Hilton Star Trek Experience attraction offers five different wedding packages to choose from. […]

What constitutes a satisfactory travel hotel?

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Of course, everyone wants to go to a five-star hotel, but this is incredibly expensive. The people who want to visit the resorts of Florida or even the Caribbean are not all rich and stuffy rock stars. So can an ordinary Joe afford a good Barbados travel hotel, for example? The answer is yes, […]

Fundamentals of Agency Law

“Hello, my name is James…James Bond and I am…well…a real estate agent.” In the greater Vancouver area there have been a large number of famous real estate agents at any given time, at least famous by name.. In addition to James Bond and, of course, my own last name (‘Frascati’ is one of Italy’s famous wines, as well as Rome’s […]

Food that does not match the menu

The question of whether you’re really getting the exact same food that’s listed on the menu has lingered in the restaurant industry. What guarantee is there that you will get exactly what you ordered? Are there checks and balances in place to ensure the integrity of the companies that source the food available in restaurants? There can be a lot […]

Good reasons to use the Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a comparatively new type of currency that has just started to hit the mainstream markets. Critics claim that using Bitcoins is not safe because: They have no real value. they are not regulated They can be used to carry out illegal transactions. Still all the major players in the market talk about Bitcoins. Below are some good reasons […]