How Tantra healed my soul

My name is Devi Ward and this is the totally absurd story of how tantric sex healed my soul. I was born in 1974, the result of an interracial marriage. My father is of African, European, and Native American (also known as Black) descent. My mother is half Polish and half Czechoslovakian, blonde, blue eyed, aka white. My parents were […]

fast food in kenya

After a long day in class, I decided to take a walk around town trying out fast food places so I could grab a snack. Walking through most fast food restaurants, I realized that they all serve the same foods but at different prices. These foods include pizza. Pizza is a puff pastry box that is flattened and then filled […]

Understanding the King James Bible (Part 1): You and You

The King James Bible (1611) is one of the most influential books in the world. Many words are archaic and have not been used since the first printing of the work. Although many English-speaking readers and English Language School (ELS) students have trouble understanding words and their meanings, most evangelical Christians still read the KJV. One of the most fundamental […]

Choosing luxury honeymoon packages

It is everyone’s dream to go on a luxury honeymoon once the wedding is over. The honeymoon should be the time when you and your partner have the perfect atmosphere of tranquility, peace, romance, and privacy, so you’ll want to choose a honeymoon package that delivers on all of that. The luxury honeymoon packages have all the facilities and possibilities […]

Senior communities make convenient living arrangements

It’s never too early to plan ahead; he does not have to wait until he is old and frail before arranging for his retirement. It’s always good to know just about everything there is to know about senior communities; When you know the facilities that are useful to you there, you can decide on the best senior community to suit […]

Investing in gold: factors that influence the price of gold

Understanding the factors that influence the price of gold is crucial before making an investment in the precious metal. Just as important is being aware of the key differences in the supply and demand for gold compared to other investments like commodities, stocks, and bonds. Another factor to take into account; Gold is not the only precious metal to consider […]

Ask for more, you can get more

If you’re involved in sales, how do you feel when you hear phrases like “Can you do something about your price?” or, “You’ll have to do better than that.” and variations of these? Does a cloud or two cross the sun? You start to think, “here we go again…” – however, have you prepared yourself for this situation? As a […]