20 Ways To Get Over Those Bad Days

After the loss of a loved one, we are thrown into the chaos of grief, flailing aimlessly in the tidal wave of grief and emotions that wash over us. Every day seems like a bad day. Even many years later, we can have days when the strain of coping, the strain of everyday demands, and the strain of living become […]

Zygor Vs Joanna Vs Dugi – Leveling Guide Showdown

This is a matchup between the top 3 leveling guides available. You can choose between Zygor’s Horde and Alliance leveling guides, Joanna’s Horde leveling guide, and Dugi’s Horde and Alliance leveling guides. All 3 guides are good, but which ones are great? That is what we will determine today. Let’s start by examining what these guides offer. Zygor’s horde and […]

High Definition DVD Players in Italy

Several companies produce good quality DVD players in Italy. Samsung, Toshiba and Buffalo are some of the famous manufacturers of high resolution DVD players and have exclusive showrooms in Italy. They play not only high-resolution DVDs, but also CDs and MP3s. The demand for HD-DVD players in Italy is growing rapidly because the players come with many features such as […]

XLR explained and the basics of pro audio plugs

The XLR connector is the standard for professional audio and video applications. The plug itself is an electrical connector by design. Like the more ubiquitous RCA plug, which is regularly used with home audio and video electronics, the XLR connector is different in several important ways. Originally designed and manufactured by James h. the connector was first called the “Cannon […]

Deciphering Koi Colors

Due to their brilliant colors, koi fish are fascinating aquatic creatures. In fact, their value lies solely in the color combinations, the way these colors are situated on their bodies, and the overall effect the patterns create. Some enthusiasts even count the markings on a koi to gauge its value, while professional breeders take special care to enhance and protect […]

A math worksheet to inspire success

It’s amazing the difference in effort you’ll get from one worksheet to another. Granted, the amount of effort can vary wildly from year to year, depending on the group of students you have. However, for the most part, when a worksheet is needed to dig deeper into a procedure, rule, or lesson, its effectiveness can and will vary. Therefore, it […]

Get started with Google AdWords

Google AdWords advertising allows you to show your ads to the people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services, and filter out those who are not. You can track how many people your ad was shown to, how many of those people clicked on your ad, and more by integrating your account with Google Analytics. […]


The basic WiFi system is very simple. In a WiFi-enabled network, computers with WiFi cards connect wirelessly to an access point or router. This access point or router is enabled for the Internet in the usual way, connected to the Internet using a cable or DSL modem. Any PC or laptop with a WiFi card, within a 200 foot (60 […]

We’re all on a sinking Titanic

I know, gloomy title for an article. But it’s true. We are all on the proverbial sinking ship. We may not know when she’s going to sink, but she will. Our days are numbered and then our number is called and we find ourselves heading to that big wing buffet in heaven. So it may not be exactly how you […]