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Being a goalie, you experience a world that most people cannot imagine. You spend nights and weekends in smoky bars, quietly and politely watching bar patrons purposely fill their bodies with alcohol as a way to affect their own judgment and find opportunities with the fairer sex. You also need to break up fights, guard the door, and sometimes hold […]

Does wearing bad shoes lead to foot problems?

Runners tend to injure their foot and leg far more than any other athlete. If you are a professional athlete and experience foot pain due to a lot of running as part of your daily routine, you should take the issue very seriously. You may have developed foot injuries due to muscle strain or due to a more acute condition […]

PMS: Plagued With PMS? Try the calcium!

Finally, there is hope for millions of women who suffer from PMS. Researchers have found that a regular intake of calcium can reduce PMS by up to 60 percent. It’s a problem that has baffled doctors and worried women. Symptoms that occur a week or two before a woman’s menstrual periods. While these symptoms usually go away after her period […]

What are Goji berries and are they the same as goji berries?

There is a wonderful little red berry that grows all over the world, and people in different places call it by different names. Many English-speaking people call it Wolfberry, and today even more English-speakers call it Goji Berry. But it’s actually the same. As we all know, science assigns two Latin names to each botanical organism, a genus and a […]

Is salt good for you?

While it’s quite true that symptoms resulting from excessive salt intake include high blood pressure and heart problems, the problem lies more in the process of refining the salt itself than in the amount you eat. Like sugar and white flour, table salt has been highly processed, stripped of the vital minerals that were once in its original form. And […]

Bodybuilding: diet to gain muscle and lose fat

Bodybuilding can be defined as the pursuit of lean muscle mass. The importance of a proper diet in achieving this goal cannot be underestimated. In fact, many experts argue that diet can account for up to 90% of a person’s success in building their body. Fortunately, there is an easy-to-follow meal plan that works like magic for burning fat and […]