Don’t underestimate the power of yoga!

“Yoga is invigoration in relaxation. Freedom in routine. Confidence in self-control. Inner energy and outer energy” What is “Yoga”? The word “Yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit meaning “union”. Yoga is a practice that uses postures and breathing techniques to induce relaxation and improve strength. There are yoga “poses” ~ or “asanas” ~ that offer you to become more aware […]

How to Find Healthy Dinner Recipes

When I’m looking for information about something, I just type the word or phrase into Google and I can usually find what I’m looking for on the first two pages of results. When I wrote “Healthy Dinner Recipes” I was overwhelmed. Of course, there were many results, so I clicked on the first one and got a list of dishes: […]

4 recipes for no-bake pie crusts

For no-bake pie crusts, you can experiment with almost any crunchy ingredient as a base. Pretzels, chips, or shortbread come to mind. Before you start experimenting, here are 4 recipes that have been tested and proven to work without baking. These no-bake crusts are suitable for cream fillings or fillings cooked on the stovetop and cooled before adding to the […]

Are your adrenal glands giving you this problem?

Low energy, too often feeling sick and tired. I have outlined many reasons for such things in one of my articles some time ago. This time I’m looking at this from a different angle, low energy, tired and upset. This situation occurs often; what is normal for one, be abnormal for another. This could be the other angle, one of […]

Balancing your chakras to heal emotional eating

Chakra Energy Balancing, when combined with hypnosis, can help a person lose weight and feed the “Hungry Heart” of emotional eating. I have noticed that many overweight people are “losing” energy in what I have called the “Hunger Chakra” located in the “basin” of the lower stomach, also known as the Sacral Chakra area. If you are challenged with the […]

Jail Training For Better Muscles

As long as there have been prisoners, there have been prison training sessions. As common in correctional facilities as hitting the new guy on the first day and avoiding spilling soap on him, inmates have been building better muscles in tight quarters. Here are a few reasons prison training works: 1) Unlimited Time: Time is all you have. You can […]

Easy exercises you can do at home

Did you know that to keep your heart healthy and your weight under control, you need to walk at least 10,000 steps every day? This may seem daunting, but many activities you do every day, like running errands or housework, can add up to a few hundred or even thousands of steps for you. To maintain your health and make […]

5 tips to lose belly fat over the weekend

Sick and tired of gaining belly fat on the weekend? Discover these 5 simple tips to burn calories and avoid bingeing on the weekend. Another weekend, another 2-3 pounds of fat? No way. It doesn’t have to work like that. Here are 5 “real life” tips for simply saying “NO” to weight gain. Find out how to lose belly fat […]

How many carbs per day should I eat?

It is increasingly known that it is advisable to limit the amount of carbohydrates we eat. However, it is difficult to determine what are the good and bad carbohydrates and how many carbohydrates per day we should consume. This article will provide important information about dietary carbohydrates and how to know how many carbohydrates we can have in our diet. […]

Repair and maintenance of your treadmill

TREADMILL REPAIR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE The first and most important part of owning a treadmill or any piece of equipment is preventative maintenance. If you’re not currently doing this, get started today! Elements necessary for a good preventive maintenance program on your treadmill: Vacuum cleaner Screwdriver – philip’s and flat blade Sockets and allen keys depending on the model Cloths for […]