An idea to overcome procrastination

Procrastination was one of my biggest obstacles in life and I could see that it was sabotaging my success. I will try to give you the insights and experiences I went through to unlock procrastination. It’s not easy to see, it took me a few years to realize this. I will work from a mechanical point of view, revealing the […]

Easy steps on how to use an espresso machine to make a latte

Making lattes is one of the most popular coffee drinks. It’s how many people start their day and how others enjoy a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. However, if you are new to latte making or want some tips on how to make it more efficiently, then this blog post is for you. First, we’ll go over how to use an espresso machine […]

Tri Wing Screws on the Wii U: Questions and Answers

If you’ve ever tried to take apart the Wii UI, you’ve probably noticed that there are screws holding it together that require a Y-shaped screwdriver to remove. These types of screws are known as tri-wing screws and are sometimes referred to as Nintendo screws. The reason they are known as the Nintendo screw is because Nintendo has used it for […]

Pilates exercises to prepare the body for a safe side plank

Here are some Pilates training tips and preparatory exercises to help keep your shoulders safe and develop strong core support for a successful side plank in an advanced Pilates mat workout. Because this exercise involves balancing the body laterally on one arm and one leg, the side plank exercise is an upper-intermediate or advanced level exercise, so sufficient preparation should […]

New Orleans News & Views – The Muscutts

Les Muscutt (bjo, gtr) – born in Barrow-in-Furness, England, on June 30, 1941. A noted jazz player, he carved out a place for himself among New Orleans’ top jazz players during the 1970s, particularly with The French Market JazzBand. This article from the revised edition of “New Orleans Jazz – A Family Album” by Al Rose and Edmond Souchon (published […]

Blastocystis Treatment – Can Blastocystis Hominis Be Treated Naturally?

Yes you can. Before we talk about treatment, we need to understand what Blastocystis hominis is all about. This is basically a parasite that lives in the intestines of humans and various animals, including insects like cockroaches. The parasite that infected humans was originally called Blastocystis hominis. However, later studies changed this concept. It was later concluded that there are […]

What is the true nature of a dog?

Dogs are really amazingly complex creatures and in order for you to have a good relationship with your dog you need to learn a bit about his nature. Dogs are descended from wolves and therefore have many of the same characteristics, although some behaviors are the result of thousands of years of interaction with humans. Understanding these characteristics can make […]