Videogames as a spectator sport

You would never guess which is the newest spectator sport, which draws huge crowds as well as a lot of money from various sponsors! It’s something called esports and it basically represents professional games. It seems that games are no longer limited to just individual players, each of whom participates in a game from the solitude of their bedroom, forming […]

The impact of online social communities on your business

When it comes to online social communities, people naturally gravitate towards them. Humans, by nature, are social animals. They are comfortable in groups and feed off the energy of others and like to exchange ideas with each other (among other things). Being engaged and engaged is essential You definitely need other people to be successful in business. In fact, without […]

My island of golden dreams

If it is true that no man is an island, why does every woman want one? And, when you think about it, it’s not just about women. All, straight to LGBT, he seems to long for this “oasis” in the middle of the expanse they call his kitchen. Is a structure like this a prerequisite for a perfect kitchen, or […]

Aston Martin DB2 / 4 sports car

The Aston Martin DB2 / 4 Mark 1 and 2 – A close look at this sports car including used performance, technical data, features, rivals comparison, history and prices. From classic to modern The Aston Martin DB2 / 4 Mark 1 CAR In 1953, the DB2 sports car, the best-selling Aston Martin to date, was replaced by the Aston Martin […]

Overcome belly bulge and high blood pressure after 50

Most senior health and fitness books miss the mark when it comes to losing belly fat and lowering blood pressure. Almost every article and book on the shelf preaches the same approach to flattening the abdomen and lowering blood pressure: dieting and exercising. I used to accept that theory until I met a former fitness trainee, who dropped out of […]

Soccer Fitness: Leg Extensions and Hamstring Curls are Poor Options for Building Leg Strength

In any type of strength training for soccer players, it is imperative to build a solid foundation from scratch. Exercises that have a player sitting in a seat and extending the leg or lying prone and flexing the hamstrings lack functional and preventive value. Unfortunately, there are still misinformed coaches giving incorrect information about soccer fitness and leg strength development. […]

Introduction to the Sumerian civilization

About 6000 years ago, a civilization possessing such advanced technology at the time that it seemed alien suddenly sprouted on land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, part of the so-called “Fertile Crescent.” The first Greeks were the first to call this area Mesopotamia, which means “land between rivers”. These people (we know them today as Sumerians) called themselves sag-giga, […]

Very low-dose birth control pills for perimenopausal women

Are you joining the signals that your body is preparing to say ‘goodbye’ to your period? And are you wanting to ditch your birth control? Don’t be swayed by a false sense of security – If you’re still having your period, you can still get pregnant. When you stop menstruating, you are not officially ‘menopausal’ until 12-18 months later, so […]