Real Estate Investment Outlook and Prospects 2010

What’s next for real estate? For most people, real estate remains a critical part of personal net worth. Despite the stock market rally, the median American family net worth is down 25% due to declines in real estate values ​​and investment assets. Market Trends Overview: Focus on Boston While it continues to suffer due to continued turmoil in major Financial […]

Chicks or guineas?

Have you ever thought of having chickens? I guess it’s a strange question, but for people who live in the country, it’s not that unusual. After all, hens provide eggs for breakfast, little chicks that become chickens, and later in their lives, they can provide Sunday dinner! Sort of an all-purpose product, if you see what I mean. The only […]

The basics of business training

Historically, most businesses were made up of accountants and lawyers. The process had to be completed by hand and typically took about two weeks to complete. The forms had to be completed by the appointed officers, the documents had to be signed by a lawyer, and then Companies House would process the formation and return a certificate of incorporation. Fortunately, […]

The advantages and disadvantages of renting furniture

Making the decision to buy furniture or rent furniture for your home staging job is really a challenge for home stagers. But for many, they buy new furniture when organizing empty houses and only rent furniture for already furnished houses. One of my previous articles discussed the advantages and disadvantages of buying furniture for home staging, so this one will […]

How to finance your business

The creation of a company is key to the creation of wealth. But the truth is that many companies urgently need funds to grow, but the funds are not available. Many entrepreneurs were unable to start their dream business due to lack of funds. However, many people don’t know that the fund is available only if they can apply simple […]

Business People 101

The more I know people, the more I love my dog ​​- Frederick the Great Writing in The Book of Business Anecdotes, Peter Hay shares a story that in the 1950s, marketing genius Stanley Arnold was working at Young & Rubicam where he was asked to create a marketing campaign for Remington Rand. The company was among the most conservative […]

The absolute beauty of real estate investing

There are many investment options out there these days. From cash to Treasury bills, stocks, bonds, gold, emerging markets, art, start-ups, your own business, bad debts, etc. The options are almost limitless, and for each type of investment there are one or two salespeople who will tell you why their chosen investment is the best type of investment. It makes […]

Home sales rise in June: the great revaluation continues

Existing home sales increased last June for the third consecutive month, an increase of 3.6% over May 2009 and just 0.02% less than the June 2008 home sales figures. 31% of all existing home sales across the United States last June were foreclosures or short sales. Think about it for a second… Nearly one in three homes sold last month […]

A Guide to Van Leasing Rules and Guidelines

You can have a van in three ways. You can buy it, rent it or lease it. The first option, that is, the purchase, allows you to have the van forever just by paying its price in cash or in monthly installments. But, when you buy it, you are also responsible for paying all taxes. If you want to own […]

Renovate your old bathroom into a master bath

TIPS FOR SELECTING AN EXPERIENCED AND RELIABLE BATHROOM REMODELING CONTRACTOR- Half the job is complete as soon as you find a trustworthy and reliable remodeling contractor. The bathroom remodeling process is quite complicated and challenging. You can follow the given tips to make an effective decision. MAKE YOUR MIND FIRST BY LOOKING AT DESIGNS- You need to do your research […]