If the housing market is changing, what does that mean?

I see definite signs that the housing market is heating up. Whether you have voted for our current administration or not, the O’Bama administration is pulling the market out of a plateau. With all the money they are pouring into the real estate industry to slow down foreclosures, short sales, and lower mortgage interest rates plus the $ 8,000 tax […]

How to find a great home remodeling contractor in your area

Finding the right remodeling contractor you can trust and trust for your home remodeling and maintenance projects seems like a monumental task. The task can even seem daunting. After all, you are entrusting one of your greatest and most precious assets to a stranger. However, there are some simple steps you can take to eliminate much of the uncertainty. One […]

Double width mobile homes vs single width mobile homes

Over the past decade, manufactured homes (which are still commonly referred to as mobile homes) have become a great option for new home buyers. Unlike the old shoddy mobile homes in trailer parks that people think of, manufactured homes now come as two-story or even townhomes and include features like high ceilings and fireplaces. However, the basic configuration of prefab […]

Real Estate Investment Strategies: Subject to Comprehensive Mortgages vs.

Many new investors are easily confused by the concepts of “Subject Mortgages” and “Surrounding Mortgages”. Both are very useful types of financing that can help you close a deal when conventional financing is not possible, without having to use hard and expensive money. Subject-Tos or “Sub2s” are agreements in which the buyer purchases a property subject to the existing mortgage. […]

Appraisal of your home

A home appraisal serves as a step in the home buying or selling process that relies on an external factor: the expert opinion of a stranger. Banks use these experts to determine how much a property is worth, thus determining how much the bank would be willing to lend to a buyer. This part of the mortgage process is important. […]

How to appeal a property tax assessment

If you think your home’s appraised value is higher than your home can sell, then your best bet is to dispute the value. The first thing to understand is that property taxes are one of the largest sources of income for your municipality, county, and state government. Tax assessments are made up of two components, including: the value of your […]

California Hard Money Lenders

There is a strong demand for housing in California. That is the good news. The bad news is that few can afford it. The market has exploded out of control, leaving investors to consider other solutions. Many are turning to hard money lenders. The demand for housing in California. The California Association of Realtors says that essentially all of California […]