Becoming a Foreclosure Consultant

A foreclosure consultant is a professional who offers to help you solve your foreclosure problems. They can do this in a number of ways, including: • Postpone or stop the foreclosure sale • Obtain a forbearance for the homeowner, which is when the foreclosure counselor gets the owner’s mortgage payments postponed for a short period of time or payments are […]

Selling books in Ghana

Ghana’s publishing industry is a growth industry. Publishers stand out for traditional ways of selling books. Books are efficiently sold in traditional physical stores (bookstore) and others through churches, schools, buses, gas stations and supermarkets. However, the most common and widespread way of selling books in Ghana is through traveling booksellers. Mobile booksellers play a prominent role in selling books […]

Base stations for effective communications from the car, restaurant management

The shortcut lane is the heartbeat of any successful quick service restaurant. An efficient and well-managed drive-through is the key to moving more cars at peak times for maximum profitability. At the center of that operation is the drive-through base station. Today’s base stations have advanced along with other technologies to embrace the superior clarity of digital sound (over original […]

Hot Air Gun Safety Checklist: How Not to Get Burned

The multi-purpose heat gun is an extremely popular tool used in crafts, construction, the automotive industry, and much more. In order to operate the heat gun efficiently and safely, the instructions must be read carefully. Heat guns expel hot air that can even reach 1300°F; therefore, it is crucial to understand how to operate the heat gun so that precaution […]

Give referrals to get referrals

One of the best ways to get a referral is to give a referral. When you give someone a recommendation, they will always be grateful and feel compelled to return the favor. Before you can go ahead and recommend someone, you need to know them and their business, this goes without saying. You wouldn’t recommend a painter to someone who […]

Carpet pads/underlays

If you want to ensure that your area rugs, as well as your hardwood, aren’t subjected to daily wear and tear, premium rug underlays are what you need. If you want to have extra comfort, soundproofing and padding, you can opt for a carpet base that is more voluminous. But when you’re shopping for carpet underlays, you’ll need to be […]

Apartment investment – Furnished or unfurnished

If you are an apartment investor, choosing to go the furnished or unfurnished route is a very important decision. You must select what will maximize your income and protect the total investment in your building. This is not an easy choice and I have made a stand so I will give you my take on the pros and cons of […]

Kenyan Real Estate Professionals

With a rapidly growing real estate sector, Kenya has attracted a great group of real estate professionals who not only provide the necessary experience but are also ready to take advantage of the emerging property investment opportunities in the country. The development of a sustainable and lucrative real estate market in Kenya depends on having real estate professionals who adhere […]