Let’s talk about body odor. Not because it’s an interesting topic; just because we’re not supposed to have it. Body odor is often a sign of internal toxicity: your odor seeps through our skin.

How can I know? Well, I have cleaned the inside of my body thoroughly and, except on rare occasions, have had no body odor in several years, which was not the case before I started the cleanse. And the rare time it shows up is when I’m detoxifying, in which case I can smell that toxic mess as it’s leaving my body.

Perhaps you have seen images on the Internet of huge amounts of dirt being removed from the body through colon cleansing? You may have also heard that most people have more than ten pounds of old fecal matter stuck in their intestines at any given time. And at some point, it’s going to start to smell.

Have you ever wondered why the average person starts having bad body odor between the ages of thirteen and sixteen? And why don’t they smell before?

The answer: it takes that amount of time to clog our interiors enough to produce an odor if we don’t bathe for a few hours. For most people, thirteen to sixteen years of largely unnatural eating habits works just fine. For most, it will take another fifteen to twenty years to take that stored toxicity in the body to the next level and produce what we call health problems. But my point is: we’re not really supposed to smell from the inside out.

Bad breath is another sign of internal toxicity. To understand this, you need to know that it is a direct shot from the mouth to the colon, and the reverse path is true as well. So bad breath (unless it’s caused by garlic) is a common sign of a toxic colon. I’ll let you figure out the implications of what you’re really smelling.

Morning breath is common, and since I’ve deep cleansed, it hasn’t shown up in years either. Why is morning breath so common and why does it occur? Let me explain…

Our bodies detoxify while we sleep. They take this time to detox because we are not digesting food and therefore have extra energy to head into detox.

So each night our bodies work to detoxify us from our daily load of chemicals and toxins that we haven’t previously addressed. And every morning, we can smell the toxins in our breath that have been loosened up for removal. The white coating that is common on tongues in the morning is toxins that your body is releasing.

Morning breath is actually a mild detox symptom, or a symptom that people experience when they are detoxing. And toxicity, the more serious the situation, the greater the symptoms. So the more toxic your body is, the more pungent your breath will be in the morning.

The good news is that you can cleanse your body internally to remove much of that toxicity, and along with it, you’ll eliminate body odor.

One good thing about cleaning your body enough that you no longer have daily odor is that you no longer need deodorant.

Eliminating the deodorant is important because most deodorants have aluminum as an ingredient. It might not seem like a big deal until you understand that aluminum is typically associated with brain-atrophying diseases, including dementia and Alzheimer’s, and that ninety percent of what you put on your skin finds its way into your bloodstream. This makes ditching the deodorant an important step in the right direction if you want to remember your grandchildren on their eighth birthday.

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